Est. 2012

We Supply Tents for Your Events

From marquees and big tops through to smaller event structures.
We provide reliable shade and shelter for all outdoor entertainment.
Suitable for all outdoor events
Festivals • Weddings • Corporate • Private • Pub Gardens

Difficult Times

There have been some difficult times over the past couple of years. Several lockdowns have meant fewer celebrations, and often missing out on key events with friends and family.

Businesses were hit. Pubs closed. Festivals and live events got cancelled.

Typically though, we pushed through and now we're revving up for the future. The opportunity to socialise properly once more. It's time to relax and have some fun.

It's important to remember though that some people are still a little wary about indoor socialising. With a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor, our tents provide the perfect solution.

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Better Days

This year it's important to make the most out of every single opportunity. To get out there and enjoy the real world again, in pubs, gardens, fields and festivals. We want live music, performance, circus, cabaret and chilled vibes.

Wherever there's an open space, there's an opportunity to host an event. All you'll need is a bunch of friends, the commitment to have fun and one of our stunning tents.

Summer's too short. Don't wait for it. Book now so you can start hosting straight away.

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Good things are coming

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